Woman overlooking farm and standing outside, connecting with nature

Connecting with Nature

By Skyelar Hoort

Woman overlooking farm and standing outside, connecting with nature

Living in harmony teaches us a lot about ourselves. I find that nature offers everything we need. It is in the stillness of one's heart we can hear Gaia talking. By living a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature and all of her beings, both plant and animal, it allows us to live more authentically. Listening to the rhythms and cycles of the seasons is one way to connect deeper with nature. As the days get longer, and more plant life flourishes, it is so we honor the cycle of life and (re)birth. The spring and summer offer us valuable insights to the interconnectedness of life. We have more energy, even with fewer hours of darkness, we have a beauty bounty of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other plant life. We tend to be outside more and share more time with loved ones. It is in the cycles and rhythms we exist on this Earth. 

A lot can be said about the path to a natural life. It’s not always easy to transition from a life where many people have been indoctrinated into an overly consumerist lifestyle - where status almost always equated with consuming the most. Taking a step, or several, back can be an important part in going forward to a heart-centered approach to natural living. As with most changes, it is best to start small, master those new changes, and then gradually implement new changes. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to living in harmony with nature. To say that a holistic approach is necessary is almost an understatement. We are talking about rewiring our brains and hearts to live more harmoniously with Earth and all of her inhabitants. 

As I said before, the path to a natural life is different for everyone, but here are a few ways we can all create a natural lifestyle in a simple way.

Chemicals are everywhere. They are in food, clothes, household products and so much more. 

Try to eliminate harmful chemicals by cooking from scratch. Do research and understand what chemicals and pesticides go into commercial agriculture and understand why mono-crop culture is harmful in so many ways. Keep your food chain as close to local as possible. Find a local farmers market, join a CSA, or start your own garden. 

Change up your cleaning game, both around the house and with you and your loved ones. Research essential oils and natural, plant-based cleaners. A tiny bit of warning, there are companies that “greenwash” and try to pass as natural. Education and research go hand-in-hand with making informed choices. Understand that most plants in their natural state of being have properties that are beneficial when used by humans. Remember, nature is here to help us. 

Be proactive with your healthcare. As the old adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Focus on taking daily care of yourself. Sit down and listen to your body. Start to understand why you may feel a certain way. It’s easy to think illness and disease is a natural state of being, but in reality, you are meant to be well. Figure out what self-care looks like to you. By taking an active approach in your health and wellness you will be rewarded with longevity and happiness. 

Allow for quiet time to reflect, meditate, and recharge. Downtime is an important part of being productive, believe it or not. Meditation comes in many forms and looks different for everyone. For some, it could be going for a walk in nature, others may find peace in listening to a guided meditation. Drawing, painting, yoga are also ways to practice mediation. It’s okay to be alone with your thoughts. Find out what your inner voice is trying to say to you. 

To circle back to living a natural lifestyle, it’s more than just making one change, it’s about making a lifetime of choices. Take small steps each day to eventually create change that is so large the whole world will benefit from it. Living in harmony with nature is our natural right here on Earth.


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